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 Video To Mobile Converter FAQ
Is your online order secure?
Yes, it's 100% secure.
What are values for registered users?
Full version. Free email support and free upgrades for 2 years.
Why can't convert rm/rmvb files?

You need to install Real Player. You can get it here.

How to play converted 3GP/MP4 files on my computer?
You need to install QuickTime Player. You can get it here.
How to play converted FLV files on my computer?
You need to install Flash Video Player. You can get it here.
For some rmvb files, only audio can be converted, video is lost, why?
Now the rm decoder is base on standard rm encoder, In the market, some rm encoder may use different encoding method, so we cannot decode it. This may be fixed in future version.
Some files can not be previewed in the video monitor, but can be converted, why?
Now the video monitor uses DirectShow for playback, and the video converter uses different decoding/encoding method. For some type of videos, the converter can decode it, but the video monitor may can't find correct DirectShow filter to play.
How to uninstall the Video To Mobile Converter from my computer?
For Windows 2000, please click "Start > Settings > Control Panel". For Windows XP/2003/Vista, please click "Start > Control Panel". Click the item "Add/Remove Programs", then select "Video To Mobile Converter" from the list and click the "Remove" button to uninstall it.
Some files can be previewed in the video monitor, but the picture is cropped or dithered. How to fix it?
Please try Disabling Hardware Acceleration:

For Windows 98/2000/XP/2003, right-click your desktop -> Properties -> Settings tab -> Advanced button -> Troubleshoot tab, move the Hardware Acceleration slider to None (to left).

For Windows Vista, right-click your desktop -> Personalize -> Display Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Troubleshoot tab -> Change Settings, then set Hardware Acceleration to None.

Sometimes the preview movie may have color display problem when Hardware Acceleration is disabled. On this condition, please go to Display Settings, and set Color Quality to True Color.

Is technical support free?
Yes, it is.
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