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 [2010-02-28]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.34 Released
Added full compatibility for Windows 7
Added no video compressor support in AVI mode
Added user defined file name format support
Added "Copy File Name to Clipboard" and "Copy Folder Name to Clipboard"
Added tips for setting audio volume and audio source
Added FLV play control in Easy Flash Player (Gold and Flash version only)
Removed "Next Time Only" mode in Computer Usage Log for compatibility reasons
Fixed getting flash dimension issue in Easy Flash Player (Gold and Flash version only)
Fixed the problem that may cause recording blank after pause/resume operation
Fixed cursor blinking problem during recording
Fixed getting input volume issue in multi mixer system
Other minor fixes and tweaks
 [2008-07-17]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.33 Released
Added profile that can output WMV with same size to the original screen
 [2008-06-30]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.32 Released
Fixed the bug that unchecking "Record Audio" only works in AVI mode
Minor tweaks
 [2008-04-04]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.31 Released
Added input volume control in recorder window
 [2008-03-27]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.30 Released
Fixed memory leak problem
Performance improved
 [2008-02-15]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.29 Released
Added thumb icon for tested AVI codec in Options dialog
Added support for SWF and FLV output in Flash edition and Gold edition
 [2007-11-05]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.28 Released
Added pause/resume function
Improved screen capture performance
Added audio source selector
Can capture cursor shape changes now
 [2007-08-28]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.25 Released
Added tips for disabling Hardware Acceleration in Windows Vista
Stop showing error messages when recording in Sneak Mode
 [2007-07-11]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.24 Released
Added "Sneak Mode" to make the recorder completely invisible
Added "Computer Usage Log" to record screen on Windows start up
 [2007-05-23]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.23 Released
Added timer for auto start recording
 [2007-03-24]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.22 Released
Fix the problem that may cause failing registration on NTFS system
 [2007-03-10]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.21 Released
Auto select recorded file when open output folder
 [2007-02-15]   Screen Video Recorder 1.5.20 Released
Fixed problem on multi-monitor region selection
 [2006-10-10  Screen Video Recorder 1.5.14 Released
Added Arabic translation, thanks to Abdulaziz Althnyan
 [2006-09-26  Screen Video Recorder 1.5.13 Released
Added shortcut menu on status bar to set audio source for recording
 [2006-09-11  Screen Video Recorder 1.5.12 Released
Can set audio source directly in Options dialog now
 [2006-08-26]    Screen Video Recorder 1.5.11 Released
Added Japanese translation, thanks to Ou Sen
Fixed the problem that some buttons may disappear in Compact Mode when the font size is set to Large Fonts in Display Properties
 [2006-08-11]    Screen Video Recorder 1.5.10 Released
Fixed Turkish translation problem
Minor Tweaks
 [2006-07-28]    Screen Video Recorder Released
Can launch record control in Options dialog now
Added thanks in About dialog
Help file updated
 [2006-07-14]    Screen Video Recorder Released
Fixed the bug on trial days calculation
 [2006-06-20]    Screen Video Recorder Released
Added Turkish translation, thanks to Yigit C. Yigit
Translation bug fixes
 [2006-06-02]    Screen Video Recorder Released
Added warning dialog to ask user turn off Hardware Acceleration when it's on
Bug fixes
 [2006-05-12]    Screen Video Recorder Released
Support multi-language now
Disable play button when recording
Added sound capture indicator in status bar
Minor tweaks
 [2006-03-12]    Screen Video Recorder Released
Added stop timer to stop recording automatically
Minor tweaks
 [2006-02-25]    Screen Video Recorder Released
Added more pre-defined region sizes
Minor tweaks
 [2006-02-11]    Screen Video Recorder Released
Added region selection menu to tray icon
 [2006-02-05]    Screen Video Recorder 1.5 Released
Can record to WMV now
Added "Open Output Folder"
Added "Tips of the day"
 [2005-12-21]    Screen Video Recorder 1.4 Released
Added "Compact Mode"
Added "Select Window Before Record"
 [2005-05-14]    Screen Video Recorder 1.3 Released
Can record audio and mouse cursor now
 [2004-04-27]    Screen Video Recorder 1.2 Released
Added "Fixed Size"
Bug fixes
 [2005-03-25]   Screen Video Recorder 1.1 Released
Added "Fixed Region"
Added "Blink When Recording"
Added "Play" button
 [2004-11-08]   Screen Video Recorder 1.0 Released
Capture screen activities to AVI
Capture full screen or custom region
Hide when recording
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