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 Easy MP3 Recorder FAQ
Is your online order secure?
Yes, it's 100% secure.
What are values for registered users?
Full version. Free email support and free upgrades for 2 years.
How can I know my recording is going on?

Check if the audio spectrum is displaying. If the spectrum keeps still, you should check your setting or hardware connection.

How to record audio from sound card?
Set audio source to "Stereo Mix", or "Wave Out", or "What you hear".
How can I set output file name by myself?
Click "FileMode" label and select "Manually Select Output File before Start", then click "Record To" button to set output file name.
Where are my recordings located?
Click "Open Output Folder" icon to open the output folder, where you can find your recording files.
How to change the default output folder?
Click "FileMode" label and select "Set Default Output Folder".
How to reduce recording's file size?
Choose a suitable format according to your needs. WAV format provides you the best quality, but the file size will be very big. If you need to record audios of average quality, MP3 will be fine. Higher bitrate generates better quality and higher file size.
What's the difference between "Variant Bitrate" and "Constant Bitrate"?
"Constant Bitrate" is the default encoding mode, and also the most basic. In this mode, the bitrate will be the same for the whole file. It means that each part of your mp3 file will be using the same number of bits. The musical passage being a difficult one to encode or an easy one, the encoder will use the same bitrate, so the quality of your mp3 is variable. Complex parts will be of a lower quality than the easiest ones. The main advantage is that the final files size won't change and can be accurately predicted.

In "Variant Bitrate" mode, you choose the desired quality on a scale going from 9 (lowest quality/highest distortion) to 0 (highest quality/lowest distortion). Then encoder tries to maintain the given quality in the whole file by choosing the optimal number of bits to spend for each part of your music. The main advantage is that you are able to specify the quality level that you want to reach, but the inconvenient is that the final file size is not predictable.

How to uninstall the Easy MP3 Recorder from my computer?
For Windows 2000, please click "Start > Settings > Control Panel". For Windows XP, please click "Start > Control Panel". Click the item "Add/Remove Programs", then select "Easy MP3 Recorder" from the list and click the "Remove" button to uninstall it.
Is technical support free?
Yes, it is.
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