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 DocBuilder FAQ
I can't open document from Microsoft Word menu when DocBuilder is running. Why?

DocBuilder has to take over control from Microsoft Word, otherwise there may be unpredictable error.

How to backup my works?
DocBuilder saves work files in repository folder. If you want to backup work files, simply backup the repository folder. You can check repository path from Options dialog.
I do some modification on final document and save the result, but nothing changed in doc-tree. Why?
Editing final document will not change the content of text nodes in doc-tree. If you want to modify text node content, you must go back to project edit mode by clicking "Make Document" button again.
I place "Cover" node at the bottom of doc-tree, why it always be moved to the top on document making?
DocBuilder always process "Cover" and "Cover Landscape" nodes first on document making.
How to keep the page, font and paragraph settings for text nodes on document making?
If you want to keep paragraph settings, convert the node type to "Paragraph Formatted". If you want to keep all style settings, convert the node type to "Text Formatted".
I have made changes to a style, but the project using this style does not change. Why?
DocBuilder project has its own style definition file. When you choose a style for a project, the project just make a copy of the style, but not link to it. That's why you see "Base on Classic" in project property dialog. So when the style is modified, the project's style won't be affected. If you want to apply style changes to the project, you have to select the style again in Project Property dialog.
What is "Structured Word File"?
Structured Word file is a Microsoft Word file written totally in outline mode, which has similar structure to the doc-tree of DocBuilder, so it can be imported into DocBuilder directly.
The "Import - Structured Word File" menu is disabled. Why?
To import structured Microsoft Word files, the project or template must be empty.
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